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Talent concept:

Talent is out of competition, not visible, we respect everyone's knowledge and ability, pay attention to the quality of staff training. We provide a level playing field and a level playing field. Strive for employees to achieve self-value through competition and cooperation. Our basic talent view is: both virtue and talent, moral first, dedication, team first. We do not see people with bole, only the horse race gallop.

Principles of employment:

Know people: understand people, understand people, respect people, not only to know the surface, but also to know their potential;

Accommodating people: Create a relaxed environment, make people feel comfortable, do not seek perfection blame, allow to improve self-discipline;

Education: health-oriented, moral education first, skills first, everyone becomes a talent;

Employment: Provide a stage for each employee to display their talents, and create opportunities for learning, development and promotion;

Life: treat each other with sincerity, be kind to others, dedication, loyalty to duty, take the company as home, and the company share honor and shame.